Installing a Door Knocker

How do you install a door viewer July 28

Choose the right heightTry to install the lens at a height that everyone is able to use. If someone living in the home is confined to a wheelchair or of small stature, consider adding two door viewers to allow everyone to see who is on the other side

How do you install bifold doors July 28

Prepare your toolsIf the door is to be painted, make sure that happens beforehand. Label the doors in order of installation. Mark the inner edge of the jamb 11 inches from the bottom and 7 inches from the top.Install the tracking systemAlign the bott

How do you install entry doors July 29

How do you install entry doors
Credit:Elliott BrownCC-BY 2.0Start by obtaining an entry door that matches the doorway size. To do this, measure the size of the entryway where you intend to install the door, and buy a door ...

How do you install French doors July 28

Pry off the old door frameUsing a hammer and a pry bar, carefully remove the trim. Mark the location of each piece before setting it aside. With a level and carpenter's square, check that the doorway is square and true.Add the new door frameConstruct

How do you install pocket door trim July 29

To install trim on a pocket door:MeasureStart by measuring the height of both sides of the side jamb and cut a 1 by 4-inch to that height. Then measure the depth of the frame to the drywall, which is usually /4 inches wide.Cut and attach the side

How do you make a barn door July 28

Make the doorAfter getting the proper measurements, cut the pine boards 1/2-inch shorter than the height of the opening. Cut the strapping the width of the surface, as well as your filler strips, pallet boards, face frame and mounting rail. Cinch the

How do you replace a door July 29

Make a templateUse the door being replaced to help mark the new door for cuts and ensure that it fits the space properly. Remove the doorknob on the old door, and gently set it on top of the new door. Use a pencil to mark areas to be trimmed. Also, u

How can you build your own mobile home July 28

How can you build your own mobile home
Credit:Paul ViantDigital VisionGetty ImagesCreate or purchase plansBuy plans online for a small mobile home to be built on a flat-bed trailer. Alternatively, create your own. Make sure your ...

How do you design a front porch July 28

While some utilize the front porch as its own living space, it can also serve to transition visitors to the inside of the house. To do this, ensure that front porch decorations do not clash with the room the porch leads into, as might occur if you ch
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