How has my mother influenced my life

Children pick up on how their mothers treat others. If a mother is rude towards someone, her children learn to act in the same way, believing they are better than that person. Prejudice is often passed on through parental example. Conversely, if a mother is kind toward others, her children learn compassion, according to Family Share. Children also watch how their mother allows others to treat her. If she allows others to walk all over her, her children are likely to do the same. Moreover, they may even choose to walk all over their mother. However, if a mother carries herself with self-respect and confidence, her children learn to do the same.

Mothers influence their children's body image through how they view themselves and through the comments they make about their children, according to Family Share. If a mother's self-worth comes from the number on a scale, her children learn to measure their self-worth by their weight. Also, if a mother makes cruel comments about her children's appearance, that remains with the children as they form their identities.

Another study reported by Science Daily found that the way a mother interacts with her friends sets a precedent for her adolescent children's relationships with friends. This is especially true if the mother has a combative, quarrelsome relationship with her friends.

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