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How do you back up your MetroPCS contacts July 28

How do you back up your MetroPCS contacts
Credit:Mike MozartCC-BY 2.0You can set up an automatic sync or manually sync your contacts through your phone or online. To set up an automatic sync, open the application on your phone. Sele ...

How do you fix a slow Internet July 29

Close unnecessary windowsBefore doing anything else, check your open windows and tabs. Windows that are constantly updating or playing videos in the background may be eating up bandwidth and slowing down your overall experience, depending on how many

How do you make a swag valance July 29

Select your fabricUse a fabric that looks good on both sides. Reversible fabric is a good choice, but it is not necessary. Select a fabric that coordinates with the style and color in the rest of your room furnishings.Measure your windowMeasure the w

How do you sew a box pleat valance September 5

Measure the windowThe valance will extend beyond the window itself, so measure the width of the window, then add enough extra on both sides to determine the desired width of the final project. Measure how long you want the valance, typically one-sixt

How do you make hard boiled eggs July 28

How do you make hard boiled eggs
Credit:Adam GaultOJO ImagesGetty ImagesThe process for making hard-boiled eggs is the same no matter how many you cook at once. The pan should be large enough to hold all of the eggs in a si ...

How do you find square roots July 28

Find the closest perfect square to your numberLook at a list of perfect squares, and find the one closest to your number. Consider the task of finding the square root of 15; 16 is the closest perfect square, as its square root (4) is also an integer.

How do you convert 180 kg to lbs July 28

Find the conversion rateWhen finding the conversion rate, the easiest process is to set the unit you want to convert to one, as it will simplify the calculation later on. In this case, the unit to be converted is kilograms, and 1 kilogram is equal to

How do you block emails on Yahoo July 28

Find the Settings linkLog into your Yahoo email account, and go to the Settings menu. From the menu, locate the Blocked Addresses tab, and click on it. Enter the email addresses to be blockedAfter clicking on the Blocked Addresses tab, an empty box a

How do you make a podcast July 28

Choose a theme for your podcastSelect a theme and a title for your podcast. Make a list of topics that you can cover in a single episode. Decide how often you would like to release your podcast, and create a schedule based on your topic list. Choose
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