How do you sign up for Citibank online

How do you sign up for Citibank online
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Registering is a very simple process. It requires only basic information and security information such as the account holder's social security number.

  1. Confirm account information
  2. The first step in linking a physical account to the bank's online service is providing the account number and routing number. This allows the bank to confirm that the account exists and that it can be connected to their online banking service.

  3. Set user Info and confirm security information
  4. The next step is for the user to provide such security information as their social security number. They must also establish an online user ID or username which will function as their bank account name and designator.

  5. Confirm details
  6. The final step is for the user to confirm their account via email. They are allowed to look over the information they have provided and assess whether or not anything needs to be changed.

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