How do you send an email

  1. Access your email provider

    Open the Internet browser on your computer, or tap the email icon on your smartphone. Enter any passwords that your provider requires.

  2. Prepare to type your message

    Click or tap the button that indicates to your device that you are ready to type an email. Look for a button that says "New Mail," "Compose" or even a "+" sign, depending on the device and the email provider that you use. Enter the recipient's email address in the "To" field; depending on your provider, suggestions may pop up as you start typing in the address. Click Cc (carbon copy) to add other recipients who do not need to respond; clicking the Bcc button allows you to add recipients without letting any of the other recipients know who is on the list.

  3. Enter and send your message

    Type a topic for your email in the Subject field. Drop down to the larger field and begin typing your message. Review it to make sure you have included all that you wanted to say; some providers give you cues for spelling mistakes by adding red squiggly lines under words that online dictionaries do not recognize. Click the button that cues your provider to send the message; this might have "Send" on it, or it might have an envelope with an arrow on it, depending on the device and provider.

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