How do you join a Copart car auction

Registering for a Copart car auction bidding account allows users who select the basic membership to place bids up to $1,000 on a single vehicle. In order to increase the amount available for bidding, users must either pay a $200 activation fee and $400 deposit to become premium members or put down a 10 percent deposit. For example, a $200 deposit increases buying power to $2,000. Premier members do not have to pay additional deposits for additional buying power.

Copart car auction sites are located around the United States, and winners may pick up vehicles at local auction locations. Basic and premier members may choose to use the deposit placed with Copart to help pay for the vehicle at the transaction location. Registered users do not have to provide a valid driver's license, but the auction company requires a valid form of government-issued photo identification, including a passport or military service ID, before the account may begin placing bids.

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