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What are some flying mammals July 28

What are some flying mammals
Credit:Rubberball/Mike KempGetty ImagesAccording to the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council, nearly 1,000 different types of bats exist in the world, accounting for almost 25 perce ...

What mammal can fly July 28

What mammal can fly
Credit:Julian HibbardStoneGetty ImagesThere are more than 900 species of bats throughout the world, though some estimates range up to 1,200. Bats range in size from very small, weighing just ...

What are the three groups of mammals September 11

Mammals increased in existence after the extinction of the dinosaurs, according to current fossil records. A fossil found in 1985 dates mammalian traits in animals of the Early Jurassic period about 195 million years ago. Within 10 million years afte

What is the food chain of a bat July 28

Bats are vital to the food chain as these creatures consume insects by the billions. Colonies of bats have been known to eat tons of bugs every year. The 30 million bats living in Bracken Cave in Texas gobble 250 tons of insects every night. A small

What are some mammals without tails July 28

There are more than 4,000 species of mammals. Tails function in many ways. Some tails are used to swat away flies, to keep balance, to ward off predators, to grab things, to keep warm and to store fat. White-tailed deer flash the underside of their t

Are crane flies venomous September 4

Crane flies look like oversized mosquitoes and can reach 60 millimeters in length. The larvae live either in wet and dry soils or in fresh or salt water. Many eat microflora, algae and decomposing organic matter, but some are predatory. Pest species

What is a flying camera drone July 28

What is a flying camera drone
Credit:Don McCulloughCC-BY-2.0One example of a flying camera drone is the Parrot AR.Drone. This aircraft is a quadcopter, meaning a helicopter with four rotors. Its flight is controlled by a ...

Why are dolphins considered mammals July 28

Although dolphins and whales don't have easily visible hair or fur, they have hair before they are born. In addition, a few adults have whiskers or hairs on the top of their heads. Another sign that dolphins are mammals is the fact that they have blo

Were dinosaurs mammals July 28

Were dinosaurs mammals
Credit:Dan PorgesPhotolibraryGetty ImagesThe dinosaurs themselves are not known to have exhibited mammal-like qualities; there is no evidence to support the idea that they had mammalian char ...

What is the strongest mammal in the world July 28

What is the strongest mammal in the world
Credit:Christian HaugenFlickrCC-BY-2.0African elephants can carry almost 20,000 pounds. Gorillas can move over 4,000 pounds. The blue whale is the largest animal on the planet, and it reside ...

What mammal has the thickest fur July 28

What mammal has the thickest fur
Credit:Brian Guzzetti / Design PicsFirst LightGetty ImagesThis fur is perfect for the sea otter, which spends a lot of time in cold water but, as a warm-blooded animal, must stay warm. The s ...

What two mammals lay eggs July 28

What two mammals lay eggs
Credit:Kristian BellMomentGetty ImagesThe echidna has spines all over its body along with short fur. The short-beaked echidna is the cousin of the long-beaked mammal, and it is much smaller ...

Is a shark a mammal July 28

Is a shark a mammal
Credit:kalanzCC-BY-2.0Sharks lack some of the defining traits of mammals. Although some sharks do give birth to live young, they are not cared for and fed like mammals. Sharks don't possess ...

What is the highest flying bird July 28

What is the highest flying bird
Credit:John DownerOxford ScientificGetty ImagesThe bar-headed geese often follow valleys when flying through the mountains, and generally remain at an altitude of 18,000 feet. However, they ...

Are dolphins mammals July 28

Dolphins and other cetaceans use a blowhole at the top of their heads to inhale air. This requires dolphins to surface every time they need to inhale. Like other mammals, dolphins give birth to live young, whom the mothers feed with milk. Fish, on th

How do mammals reproduce July 28

Mammals possess two main types of cells: somatic cells and sex cells. Somatic cells account for most of the body's cells and are responsible for growth, repair and healing. Sperm and egg sex cells contain one set of chromosomes each and fuse during s
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