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Where can you find free baby kittens July 28

Many rescue groups operate an independent website where interested individuals can find out how to rescue a kitten. The North Shore Animal League America is a nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing abandoned, lost and abused animals in the Unit

How long do flies live July 28

How long do flies live
Credit:Tim FlachStoneGetty ImagesThe common fly has been traced back to Asia, but it now exists on all continents. It is most commonly found in areas where humans live, specifically where th ...

What do spotted hyenas eat July 28

Spotted hyenas are very adaptable and hunt almost any herbivorous animal when common food sources cannot be found. They inhabit a large portion of Africa, so their diet changes with location. Other favored prey for hyenas includes eland, topi, impala

What is the natural habitat of vampire bats July 28

What is the natural habitat of vampire bats
Credit:4FRE+Getty ImagesVampire bats live in colonies of approximately 100 bats, though there can be as many as 1,000 or more in a single colony. These colonies live in caves, tree hollows, ...

What crops did the ancient Egyptians grow July 28

What crops did the ancient Egyptians grow
Credit:Print CollectorHulton ArchiveGetty ImagesThe regular flooding deposited nutrient-rich sediment along the river banks, which made perfect soil for agriculture. Agriculture was a large ...

What are the ten plagues of Egypt in order of occurrence July 28

What are the ten plagues of Egypt in order of occurrence
Credit:Denny AllenGallo ImagesGetty ImagesAs the plagues began in Egypt, the court magicians attempted to calm the pharaoh by showing that they were just magic tricks. Indeed, the magicians ...

What are some bobcat facts for kids July 28

Bobcats live in the United States and southern Canada in scrublands, forests, coastal swamps and deserts. Primarily nocturnal animals, they eat almost anything and can kill large prey, but they mainly eat rabbits and hares. They also dine on rodents,

What eats snow leopards July 28

The snow leopard is the top wild predator in its mountain habitat of Central Asia. Its main prey is wild sheep, but in scarce times it does attack domestic farm animals. As of 2014, snow leopards are an endangered species. Their population is at risk

What do coyotes eat July 28

What do coyotes eat
Credit:U.S. Geological SurveyCC-BY 2.0Coyotes vary their diets based on what is available. Though they mostly eat small mammals, they also eat birds, snakes and even large insects. They eat ...

How many lions are there in the world July 28

How many lions are there in the world
Credit:Paul StevensonCC-BY-2.0Lions are not susceptible to attacks by predators when with their packs. However, when alone, they are sometimes vulnerable to attacks by groups of hyenas. Huma ...

Why are tigers endangered July 28

Climate change is dangerous to tigers because it changes the jungles in which the tigers live. As the jungles have difficulty adapting to the changing temperatures, habitats for tigers decrease. Rising sea levels also erode coastal regions, which fur

What does a buffalo look like July 28

Perhaps the most familiar buffalo is the American buffalo, or bison. Bison are native to North America, and are called buffalo because European settlers thought they looked like the two species native to the Old World. Bison are distinguished from th

How many bales of hay can be harvested per acre July 28

Hay is a type of vegetation, generally grass that is grown, mown, dried and cut to be used as fodder for horses and other farm animals. The total yield that each hay field produces is determined by several factors, including the type of herbage, plan

How can you get rid of annoying magpies July 28

Frightening techniques include the use of distress and alarm systems, auditory and visually frightening devices, and exploders and pyrotechnics. The use of bird calls can also be effective in frightening the birds. In most rural areas, the alarms are
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