European Rabbits in Australia

How are rabbits adapted to their habitat July 28

How are rabbits adapted to their habitat
Credit:Clara S.CC-BY 2.0Aside from their long ears and greater field of vision, the rabbits' fur changes color depending on the climate and their geographical location. Most rabbits can molt ...

Why are koalas endangered July 28

Why are koalas endangered
Credit:Nicki MannixCC-BY-2.0Hunting of the koala has taken place since the Aboriginals of Australia used them as a food resource. Though koalas are not endangered, a population decline has o ...

What is the scientific name for a rabbit July 28

The genus Lepus includes hares and jackrabbits, and the genus Brachylagus consists of pygmy rabbits. Sumatran rabbits belong to the genus Nesolagus.Rabbits are herbivores that can live on different continents and a large percent of rabbits are found

What eats koala bears July 28

When the Europeans settled in Australia, they bought dogs and cats. In this environment, large feral cats also feed on young koalas. When the mother climbs down a tree to change to another, the cat ascends to prey on her young. The greatest danger to

What Monsanto foods should you avoid July 29

About 80 percent of all processed foods in the United States contain genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, grown from Monsanto's biologically engineered seeds. Common ingredients sourced from GMOs include high-fructose corn syrup, canola oil, hydr

Why is Australia called Oz July 28

Why is Australia called Oz
Credit:David TroodStoneGetty ImagesAustralia is also known as "The Land Down Under," a name given to the country by European explorers. The explorers had set sail in search of land ...

What is Australia known for July 28

What is Australia known for
Credit:Rodger KleinWaterFrameGetty ImagesCNN lists the Great Barrier Reef as one of Australia's best-known natural wonders. Visible from space, it stretches across the Queensland coast and i ...

What is the largest lake in Australia July 28

Lake Eyre is actually two lakes connected by a small channel. It sits at the lowest point in Australia, approximately 50 feet below sea level. It has only filled to capacity three times in the past 160 years, and it has, at times, emptied completely

What things does Australia import July 28

Australia was ranked the 19th biggest importer in the world in 2010. The country's largest import as of 2013 is personal travel services, and the top 25 Australian imports include freight transportation services, technical and business services and b

Do rabbits hibernate in the winter July 28

Do rabbits hibernate in the winter
Credit:bryttaE+Getty ImagesWhile rabbits' sleep and activity habits remain the same throughout all seasons, their diets change during the winter months. During the spring, summer and fall, r ...

How long does it take for rabbits to have babies July 28

How long does it take for rabbits to have babies
Credit:NikchickCC-BY-2.0Rabbits prefer to have their young in a nest that is safe from predators and lined with the mother's fur. Mothers sometimes eat their young after birth for a number o ...

What do Netherland Dwarf rabbits eat July 28

What do Netherland Dwarf rabbits eat
Credit:NikonBaby5000FlickrCC-BY-2.0Netherland Dwarf rabbits have sensitive digestive systems easily upset by sudden changes in diet. It's important to feed rabbits fresh pellets because this ...

How big do dwarf rabbits grow July 28

How big do dwarf rabbits grow
Credit:SaraFlickrCC-BY-2.0The Netherland Dwarf is the most common dwarf rabbit, but any rabbit that weighs less than 4 pounds as an adult is considered a dwarf rabbit, so there are several d ...

Can rabbits eat watermelon rinds July 28

Can rabbits eat watermelon rinds
Credit:Harsha K RCC-BY-2.0Watermelon is also full of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, magnesium and potassium, which makes it a relatively nutritious treat to ...

What do you feed rabbits July 28

Rabbits should eat their body size in hay every day. Hay should always be fresh when fed to a rabbit and should be stored in an air-tight container to keep it dry. As a food source, hay is essential because it provides rabbits with fiber, prevents ga

How big do dwarf rabbits get July 28

How big do dwarf rabbits get
Credit:Yuki MatsukuraCC-BY-2.0Small rabbit breeds that derive their heritage from the Netherland dwarf include Jersey woolies, Holland lops and mini rexes. These part-dwarf rabbits are small ...
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