Does Jupiter have Gravity

How many satellites does Jupiter have July 28

How many satellites does Jupiter have
Credit:NASA/JPLOtherJupiter's moons have orbital spans that range from 7 hours to approximately 3 years. Some moons orbit in a circular fashion, while the ones farthest out maintain more unu ...

How much gravity does Jupiter have July 28

Jupiter's strong gravitational pull allows it to hold onto 64 moons. The strength of Jupiter's gravitational pull was powerful enough to tear apart the comet P/Shoemaker-Levy 9 and pull its fragments into the planet's atmosphere. The surface gravity

Does Jupiter have mountains July 28

While Jupiter itself may not have mountains, one of its moons, Io, does. In fact, Io boasts some of the highest peaks in all of the solar system; Io's Euboea Montes' peak is estimated at 8.3 miles high, which rivals earth's tallest mountain, Mauna Ke

Does Jupiter have seasons July 28

The degree of tilt a planet has determines how drastic its seasons are. Because Jupiter's tilt is only 3 degrees, the seasons on this gas giant are very similar. Other factors that determine a planet's seasons include the planet's atmosphere, the dis

Does Pluto have gravity July 28

Pluto has a surface gravity approximately 1/12th of Earth's, according to the California Institute of Technology. In other words, an object that weighs 50 pounds on Earth would weigh 4 pounds on Pluto. It's important to understand that weight isn't t

How many moons does Jupiter have July 28

Galileo Galilei discovered the four largest moons at the same time as the German astronomer Simon Marius claimed to have done. However, Marius did not publish his observations and, as a result, credit remained with Galileo. Io is the most volcanicall

Does Jupiter have an atmosphere July 28

Jupiter is covered with large masses of clouds that vary in color from white to red and yellow. The enormous red spot on Jupiter is actually a gigantic storm, which is approximately 3 1/2 times the size of Earth at it's widest point. Winds on Jupiter

Does Jupiter have rings July 28

Jupiter's rings were discovered in the 1970s by NASA spacecraft. They are made up of three main sections: two faint outer rings called the gossamer rings, a 4000-mile-wide main ring, and a thick inner ring called the halo. Jupiter's rings appear to b

How many moons does Venus have July 28

The second planet in the solar system, Venus is at a distance of about 67 million miles away from the sun. Venus is a terrestrial planet and also does not have any rings. Its atmosphere consists mostly of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and sulfuric acid. T

Does KFC have a customer survey July 28

From the home page, the customer enters a survey code in the text box on the page. A customer locates the survey code on the bottom portion of his KFC receipt. The time of the visit, also shown on the bottom of the receipt, is req

What type of economy does Russia have September 6

What type of economy does Russia have
The Russian economy had a more socialist structure when they were controlled by the Soviet Empire. Since the fall of the Soviet Empire, a middle class emerged for the first time. Since Russi ...

Does NASA have a zero gravity room July 28

NASA's Zero-G facility is the biggest one of it's kind in the world, providing 5.18 seconds of microgravity, or relative near weightlessness. On Earth, microgravity is only possible when something is free falling. NASA has two drop towers at the Broo

How much gravity does Saturn have July 28

Saturn is one of the outer planets that is a gas giant. Its atmosphere is made up of mainly hydrogen and helium and traces of methane and water ice. This planet has a density of 0.687 grams per cubic centimeters, which makes it the least dense planet

How much gravity does Mars have July 28

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun and is similar to the Earth in many respects. The gravitational force of a planet is proportional to its mass, and Mars is much smaller than the Earth. The planet has a diameter that is equal to only about half

Does Pluto have any rings July 28

Does Pluto have any rings
Credit:Detlev van RavenswaayPicture PressGetty ImagesBecause Pluto's two tiny moons have such low gravity, some scientists speculate that the dust kicked up by any micrometeoroid impacts on ...

How many rings does Pluto have July 28

Since the outer planets such as Jupiter and Saturn have rings, scientists believe Pluto might also have rings. Although Pluto is a small planet, it may have a small ring system similar to the others, and NASA has sent the New Horizons space probe out

Why does Saturn have rings July 28

Why does Saturn have rings
Credit:Dorling KindersleyDorling KindersleyGetty ImagesOne commonly held theory states that the rings are the result of an accumulation of dust, ice and other particles trapped in the gravit ...

Does Mars have any rings July 28

Mars, along with the other three planets closest to the sun, are "rocky" planets, according to the Hubble Site. Only the four gas giants, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, have both rings and moons. While planetary rings are not see-through,
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