do cats use anaerobic respiration

What organisms use anaerobic respiration July 28

Anaerobic respiration is the process of producing the high-energy molecule adenosine triphosphate, or ATP, in the absence of oxygen. In terms of tolerance to oxygen, microbes are classified into five: obligate anaerobes, obligate aerobes, microaeroph

What is anaerobic respiration July 28

The first step in any version of cellular respiration is glycolysis. Glycolysis is the stage where glucose is broken down into pyruvate, and it also produces the first two molecules of adenosine triphosphate. In anaerobic respiration, the pyruvate is

What organisms use aerobic respiration July 28

Organisms are classified according to how they produce energy through respiration. Organisms that require oxygen are called obligate aerobes. Some organisms can break down glucose without using oxygen through a process called anaerobic respiration. T

What is another name for anaerobic respiration July 28

Glycolysis allows for both aerobic and anaerobic respiration through the breakdown of glucose. Fermentation enables anaerobic respiration by donating electrons and hydrogen ions produced through glycolysis to other molecules. Fermentation is also use

What Types of Organisms Use Cellular Respiration July 28

All life-forms require energy to move, grow, repair damage and reproduce. Many organisms, such as plants and algae, are able to produce their own energy from sunlight. These photosynthesizing organisms form the base of their respective food chains, a

Where does anaerobic respiration take place July 28

Fermentation in animal cells produces lactate as a waste product. It only occurs when the oxygen reaching cells is insufficient for their energy needs. In many other organisms, fermentation produces ethanol as a waste product. In both cases, these wa

What fuel is used in respiration July 28

Respiration is the process in which cells gain the energy they need to fuel cell activities. The process is considered an exothermic one, which means the entire process can be broken down into a bunch of smaller ones as it occurs in the body. In aero

What are examples of anaerobic respiration July 28

In nitrate reduction, organisms use nitrate instead of oxygen as the terminal electron acceptor. As this process is inefficient, organisms that use nitrate reduction do so only in circumstances when oxygen is significantly more available than nitrate

What are the two main types of anaerobic respiration September 3

What are the two main types of anaerobic respiration
Alcoholic fermentation converts glucose into ethanol. In alcoholic fermentation, glucose is broken down by glycolysis, and two ATP molecules are released in the process. The pyruvic acid mol ...

What are the two types of respiration July 28

The deciding factor as to whether a cell uses aerobic or anaerobic respiration is the amount of oxygen that is available in the cell. When there is little to no oxygen, a cell will produce energy using anaerobic respiration. When oxygen is abundant,

What process uses oxygen to break down glucose July 29

Breakdown of glucose through aerobic cellular respiration produces a lot of energy for the amount of glucose that goes in if there is oxygen. One glucose molecule produces 36 ATP molecules. By contrast, anaerobic lactic acid fermentation does not req
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