Cell Diffusion Video

What is cell diffusion July 28

When molecules are evenly distributed, then an equal number of molecules are entering and leaving the cell. This is called equilibrium. It is possible to observe osmosis, or the diffusion of water across a cell membrane, by performing a simple experi

Why is my TV screen turning green July 29

The graphic processing unit is a card or a chip. Those who wish to fix it themselves can if they have the proper knowledge. Otherwise, a television repair facility is the place to go. Each television has an owners manual that details where the chip i

How does diffusion affect cells July 29

Diffusion is a process that causes high concentrations of molecules to be dispersed into a less concentrated area. When molecules are transported by diffusion, they may evenly arrange themselves in the new space, reaching a point known as equilibrium

How is a root hair cell adapted to its function July 28

A root hair cell is a very tiny extension of the root hair and is invisible to the unaided human eye. It grows from the tip of the root hair, has a diameter of between 10 to 17 micrometers and a length of 100 to 1500 micrometers. Its large surface ar

What is the structure of a root hair cell July 28

What is the structure of a root hair cell
Credit:LawrenLuMomentGetty ImagesPlants require water for several purposes, most prominently photosynthesis, which they use to generate both food and structural materials for growth. Water d ...

What do red blood cells do in a hypertonic solution July 28

The reason that blood cells change size when placed in solution with different salt concentration is due to the process of osmosis. Osmosis causes solutions with high salt concentrations to draw the water out of areas with low salt concentration. The

How do cells control osmosis July 28

How do cells control osmosis
Credit:Roderick ChenFirst LightGetty ImagesOsmosis is a type of diffusion where water passes from an area of high concentration to one of lower concentration within the cell through a semi-p ...

Why do animal cells not contain cell walls July 28

Cells without walls specialize to produce nerve and muscle cells. Communication between cells occurs easily without the presence of a cell wall, keeping the organism regulated and allowing molecules to pass quickly between cells through diffusion. An

What do plant and animal cells have in common July 28

The nucleus is located in the center of a cell and it controls a variety of functions. The endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus and ribosomes work together to process and transport materials into and out of the cell. A vesicle is another part of pl

What are some everyday examples of diffusion July 28

The human body exhibits diffusion in digestion by transfer of oxygen from the lungs into the blood and from the blood cells into the muscles. It also occurs during pregnancy, as food and oxygen reach the fetus from the mother's body. When pouring a c

What is B-cell lymphoma July 28

What is B-cell lymphoma
Credit:TommLE+Getty ImagesA common symptom in B-cell lymphoma is lymphadenopathy, or enlarged lymph nodes, according to Medscape. Other common symptoms include night sweats, unexplained weig ...
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