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What are the best online reading programs for the classroom July 28

What are the best online reading programs for the classroom
Credit:Tetra Images - Jamie GrillBrand X PicturesGetty ImagesThe Superkids K-2 Reading Program, as of 2015, offers reading help in the classroom tailored to kindergarten, first grade and sec ...

What is Education City for kids July 28

EducationCity provides lesson plans and whiteboard activities to help teachers teach core subjects in the classroom. It also provides animated video tutorials to deepen students' understanding of the subjects they are studying. Fun student activities

What is instructional design July 29

The instructional design process begins with an analysis of the learning outcomes for the intended student. The process then identifies the teaching strategies and student activities most likely to achieve the desired outcomes. The process also devel

What activities develop students' creative thinking July 28

What activities develop students' creative thinking
Credit:Tim PlattThe Image BankGetty Images"Loose Ends" is a game that requires hanging two pieces of string that hang parallel from a jungle gym. The strings should be close togeth ...

What services does the Baylor Dental Clinic offer July 28

As of June 2015, the urgent-care clinic offers X-rays and emergency extractions on a first-come-first-treated basis every weekday starting at 7 a.m. The clinic staff is made up of undergraduate students who see about 15 to 18 patients each day. Patie

What are co-curricular activities July 28

Co-curricular activities are not graded and do not directly affect a student's marks in a class, unless the teacher offers extra credit for participation. The difference between co-curricular and extracurricular activities varies, and the separating

Why are students late to class July 28

Time management is one solution to remedying tardiness and includes going to bed early, allocating enough time in the morning to get ready for school, postponing unnecessary tasks and foreseeing problems in traffic. Students can pressure themselves t

How can DreamBox help students with math July 28

DreamBox offers interactive online software that allows children in kindergarten through eighth grade to play educational math games and test and assess their skills as they learn. The games? developer designed the games to be fun for children in spe

How do you host a foreign exchange student July 29

Choose a reputable programFind multiple references for the program, and check for licensing and certifications. Interview former host families who have worked with this particular program. Contact past exchange students, if possible. When you are sat

What pressures do students face in college July 29

What pressures do students face in college
Credit:PurestockGetty ImagesAcademic pressures include learning how to manage time to study and meet deadlines, prepare for tests and written assignments, and navigate communication between ...

How do students benefit from SuccessMaker July 29

SuccessMaker is a web-based program produced by Pearson that provides reading and math instruction that promotes higher-order thinking strategies. The reading materials integrate interdisciplinary themes as well as science and social studies so stude
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